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Zion Offers Their Take on a Classic Design with the Fifty


December 6, 2004

Zion Guitar Technology presents their version of a 50+ year old design. It was created in the “Fifties”, thus the inspiration for the model name “The Fifty”. Zion took what they felt was the best of the traditional idea and added improvements to it, creating an evolved classic instrument.

The Fifty has a ten degree angled-back peghead, eliminating the need for “string trees” that cause tuning problems. The tight fit of the neck to the neck-pocket in the body increases the natural sustain and resonance of the lightweight swampash body.

Individual bridge saddles can set accurate intonation. The Fifty eatures standardZion/Neutrik recessed locking jack and natural wood faux binding.

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Zion also offers a range of options and finishes on the Fifty.

For more information, visit their web site at

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