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Yowstar Releases 'G' Interactive Audio-Video Environment

Yowstar Releases ‘G’ Interactive Audio-Video Environment


July 8, 2004

Yowstar has released a new product, simply titled “G,” based on a combination
of ideas from former products Girl and Cosmetic.

With an emphasis on instant, interactive control over sound and video playback,
G unifies digital sound sources and controls. Separate sources can be treated
as one, or as a collection of sounds. Sound designers will appreciate the control
over each source and the ability to pan effects treatments in the stereo field.
Live performers will enjoy the MIDI assignments, the immediacy of control,
the infusion of random elements, and integrated video sampling. For studio
musicians, there's also the ability to sculpt sound. G offers the ability to
mix sound on up to 24 speakers, and DJ's can attach multiple turntables equipped
with MsPinky vinyl (, creating an impressive audio/visual
virtual turntable application.

G is constructed of up to 16 modules, with each module created from a mix
of up to five stereo sources fed into a variety of effects. Individual elements,
such as small segments of sound or notes to a VST instrument can be dragged
to the probability-based sequencer for organizing melodies and grooves.

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The vast array of effects for each module include pitch, volume, granulator,
ringmod, distortion, downsample, delay, two multi-mode filters, and up to four
VST effects. These can all be easily configured to be controlled with MIDI
or one of eight multi-mode LFO's synchronized to a central tempo. Extensive
computer keyboard mappings provide a control surface for the mobile musician.

MsPinky vinyl links the DJ's hands to the computer's bits. A standard turntable
and pre-amp plays the special audio signal from the MsPinky vinyl and is interpreted
by G to control pitch and scrub location on loops and mp3 files. Record scratching
can now be part of a larger audio collage and live performance, extending the
creativity of the adventurous DJ.

G even plays video. A simple video sampler provides a bin of 30 readily-available
Quicktime movies for playback and looping. It can even play movies over FireWire.

A functionality-limited, free demo is available for download from Yowstar's
web site. The commercial version is available at the same site for US$111,
or bundled with four platters of MsPinky vinyl for US$170.

For more information, visit their web site at

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