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WWAYM Releases New VST Instrument and Effect Plug-Ins

WWAYM Releases New VST Instrument and Effect Plug-Ins


WWAYM has announced a pair of new plug-ins in VST PC format: a subtractive synthesizer instrument and waveshaper.

NWSynth features 2 oscillators, 2 filters, fast envelopes, and LFOs with BPM sync support. It has 128 built-in presets from analog-like bass sounds through floating pads to computer sounds. The effect section contains 4-voice unison effect, distorter effect and stereo echo with BPM sync support. Any parameter on NWSynth can be controlled via MIDI easily using the MIDI learn function.

Price: Euro 135.

WWAYM's Dynamix is a new waveshaping tool, capable of functioning as a compressor for sound design and also as a mastering limiter/maximizer. The plug-in also has a filter section with smooth transition from lowpass through bypass to highpass with a stereo effect that gives more room to your sounds. Dynamix can even work as an EQ or a multiband dynamic processor when multiple instances are used.

Price: Euro 109.

Demo version of both NWSynth and Dynamix are available for download.

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