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Write your own page in - tell us about what you do as a producer!

Write your own page in – tell us about what you do as a producer!


No matter how good your music is, you can't succeed without promotion. You need to promote in every way you can think of.

If you produce music, whether your own or other people's, then you can now write about what you do in Audio Masterclass

Simply write 300-700 words about what you do, prepare a photograph and an .mp3 audio file, then upload it to Audio Masterclass here.

Since this is a new feature, you won't see many submissions yet. Yours will stand out simply by being among the first. You can see your submission, and others, on our Producer Page.

Later on, we plan on having a voting system where the most popular work is promoted prominently, in the website and the Audio Masterclass Newsletter.

You can't buy publicity like this. And here, it's free.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

So what are you waiting for – get your photograph and audio file organized, get writing and upload!

Don't forget that a good summary description is essential – this is what search engines will use to find you.

Get going now, here…

David Mellor

Producing Lauren Balthrop

Producing Lauren Balthrop

One song and only one day to professionally produce it! Can it be done? Find out as the pros at Dubway Studios in New York City take you on a recording and mixing adventure in this first edition of our new Docutorial™ series we call SongCraft!

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David Mellor