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Why you should listen on bad monitors

Why you should listen on bad monitors


No-one can complain that they have too much choice in near-fieldmonitors these days.

Well actually, we can!

Monitors have two functions. One is to tell you what it is you arerecording, the second is to tell you what the end-product will soundlike on the average listening system.

So you have great monitors? Fine – they will tell you what's on therecording, and I'm sure it will sound great. But what happens when yourrecording ends up on someone's cheap portable stereo? Or played on AMradio? Will it still sound so great?

What every studio needs is a pair of cheap small loudspeakers to use asa 'lo-fi' check. In fact it wouldn't be a bad idea to have severaldifferent pairs. And a car stereo system too. And what will it sound likewhen converted into MP3?

Your recording has to sound as good as it possibly can in ALL possiblelistening environments, not just the studio, or on some hi-fienthusiast's system.

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Moral – before you declare yourself satisified with your mix, check iton a range of playback systems.

David Mellor

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Delay and Reverb Effects

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