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Which do you prefer - lip syncing or Wrestlemania?

Which do you prefer – lip syncing or Wrestlemania?


I believe this persons negative comments towards Ashlee S. her entourage is a result of frustration that a lot of producers/artists share. I would have thought that folks would be a bit more understanding of this frustration and not be too harsh.

When people like Ashlee Simpson make it in the industry with team tactics such as this. I can't help but compare it to the likes of Wrestlemania or something of its nature. When people start watching perfomances with an added doubt now as to whether or not it is actually a real perfomance, then we've all lost a underlying faith in the industry.

Yes…it does take a lot of talented people to orchestrate this kink of show and image.

Yes. these people are professionals in the industry and no one should take that away from them.

But let's face the bottom line here……

“Engineer's and producers can't dance as well and are not as pretty as Ashlee Simpson … they stick them on the cover for the candy icon that they are.”

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