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Wendler Releases Nylon String electroCoustic Model

Wendler Releases Nylon String electroCoustic Model


Wendler Intruments adds to the electroCoustic family with the electroClassic model featuring nylon strings.

The body wood is carved from a solid piece of Western Red Cedar, both front and back. While the guitar has the appearance of a “standard” thickness solid body guitar, it's actually only 5/8″ thick under the bridge. This allows for a lively acoustic response that is reflected through the pickup system according to the company.

The pickup system uses a coaxial polymer piezo cable, normally used in the security business for perimeter alarms. This material is extremely sensitive to player input, allowing both a wide tonal pallette and dynamic range, while providing accurate frequency response say Wendler.

Strings are tied off to a jazz guitar style cocobolo tailpiece and rest on a “floating” bridge. Customers have a choice of fretwire size, nut width, scale length, and fretboard radius at no extra charge.

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