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"Welcome to My World" by Kevin Michael Kappler

“Welcome to My World” by Kevin Michael Kappler


Kevin Michael Kappler was born on August 23rd, 1974. He has painstakingly worked hard to succeed in music and not let those who doubt or hate him drag him off coarse.

Kevin has been writing music for almost 15 years and performing for 22. He started at 5 years of age in band as a marching clarinet player.

He learned and mastered the piano on his own. Writing songs and managing his own music career. Not only accomplishing these two difficult tasks, Kevin registered his songs through the Broadcast Music Industry (BMI) and has been acting as His Own Registered Indie Label/Promotions Company World Cassette Record Syndicated (WCRS).

A hard working and musically talented and strongly motivated bright minded artist, Kevin likes to join forces with other music talents and make a bigger and more brighter sound for the world to enjoy.

Never quitting ,due to this love and passion for music, he continues onwardly.Proudly constructing even newer forms of music, for your music listening enjoyment.

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His will is strong and notions are great. He tries do befriend,not to destroy. Competition teaches him to care for how well others can perform and be so beautiful at creating great music. Other than beating them, he chooses to be 'cheerleader' (of sorts).

He has a strong moral uprising and takes pride at fighting off the rumors and proving wrong those who try to push him down through the things cruel and dirty competitiveness and notions bring to this great industry.

Free-Form Acoustic Music at Its finest. Speaking of the trials and tribulations in life to the romance and love for friends and family that fuels our souls, 'The Feeling Winds' was written as a doorway from our world to yours.

Free-Form Poetic Music Sounding A Beautifully Written Story

Born in Waukegan, Illinois on August 23rd, 1974, Kevin grew up with his sister Heather Renee -Kappler Singer, Actor, and dancer in the small town of Lake Villa, Illinois

His mother, being a seamstress and volunteer crisis hot-line social worker, disciplined Kevin to the help and care for others. She taught him the art of true

care and true golden rule – Treat others as you would treat yourself. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Seeing the talents Kevin possessed, His father (Chief Torte Law Department Attorney to the Chicago Transit Authority) Kelly Kappler(Born under the name Leo Micheal John Kappler, Jr.) placed him in numerous artistic classes and schools, where he developed his love in the drama, music,and the visual arts entertainment industry

Both his parents died from cancer related illnesses.

Kevin was known to all his friends as the Kayeman and Special-Kaye so uniquely nicknamed for his free-willed/artistically colorful/passionately direct style of music and acting.

Kevin obtained a B.S. Degree in PC Technology and Repair from the Stratford Career Institute (A correspondence school located in Canada) and many other credits in the Associates degree he earned from the College of Lake County located in Grayslake, Illinois.

Kevin not only stared in many local high-school and private plays/musicals, he has been known as a local disc jockey performing for Weddings and special events.

Kevin also became his sister's full time vocal coach for 8 years. From 1992-2000 when Heather broke free from the two recording demo tracks in a home made studio in their Lake villa Home, to performing with the Mel Hayes Band that performed both locally and across the seas in South Korea for the Military war Recreation or M.W.R. For South Korea's stationed United States Air Force

Kevin started many local bands with friends and even had a small role in an infomercial in a 1987/88 school Informational/Commercially viewed video for the Ombudsman Educational Entity The Learning School

In 2008, Kevin met up with local Ambient Techno Music Writer/Performer Ryan La Greco of Brookfield, Illinois where the two started the Altered Sensorium band .

Later going solo and commercially selling songs under his own name. (Written and performed by him and Ryan who played the chords, for him, on a 12 string acoustic guitar).

Such as written on the tracks so simply known as 'The Feeling Winds'.

We traveled down these sometimes dark and always bright hope-filled pathways, we share how we breathed and worked so very hard to reach, the inner triumph of the battles inside,to this beautiful place we call our own.

Written as a doorway from their world to yours. listen to the songwriter's hearts sing. Emotions fire that breaths life into the once hallowed halls of darkness brought by 'Shattered Dreams' and the memories they tastefully call Melloncoli Day Dreams

So filling these once dark and empty halls, with the paintings and statues so symbolizing the Winding Roads in our life, that when one opens this once closed door to our unknown hearts, the world is now let in.

Bringing forth a new generation of music that so powerfully sent a found 'Welcome To Our World'. So now potently renamed 'Welcome,Welcome, to my Life'. (as registered through the bmi*).

Enjoy the Tender Notions that sparks loving warmth into once battered and weakened souls. That sometimes are faced to the painful notions that, sometimes, Love is Easy Come and It is Easy Go.

The sound forwards the mood to inner strength and hopeful melodies. Signaling smokes that remind us, in messages,to Never Forget Yourself. by never riding the currents of the roaring and sweet Passionate Rivers.

The waters that provide answers. Questions that we face, when looking in the mirror of life. The mirrored reflections then speaks to us, that in the Morning, when we start wondering, 'is This Me?'

The answers find us turning away from the bitter pasts, or torn up routes in life that we sometimes start to wander aimlessly down,roaming onward to a brighter destination.

So Defines the saga behind the Legend that is Altered Sensorium – 'The Feeling winds'

The Feeling Winds

These songs were written as Kevin Michael Kappler (Vocals and melody) sang the powerful words, to these songs that became an artistic part of the music world,the moment Ryan La Greco (guitars/chords) merely picked up his guitar and started started to strum some smooth chords.

As they played on, their emotional and poetic minds started part of a genre Kevin Michael Kappler love's to call, Gothic/punk/country. Playing live for videos placed on Youtube*tm (A Social Media web site) each time they wrote songs by just Going With it (The Spirit which fueled the free-style form , of acoustic country music, still played on this station and on cds/pcs across the globe.

Ryan La Greco recently moved to California when the pair decided to start their own solo careers.

Kevin Micheal Kappler now acts as promoter and manager to spread this creative message, in their media, that they believe are , Pure Poetic Marvels of communication.

New Songs are on the way. But these originals still remain thought-provoking classics. To entertain and to relate to the human soul.

Listen to their other music station on Jango:

Kevin Micheal Kappler on Jango Airplay http://www.jango.com/music/kevin+micheal+kappler

Currently being sold through tune-core


and registered through the *Broadcast Music Industry (BMI).

These Creative audio Gems are worth owning, as a piece of a new form of country music history, and any Music enthusiast’s Music library.

Look for Kevin Michael on http://www.amiestreetmusic/ and other fine music shops , on line.

Myspacemusichttp://www.myspace.com/kevinmichealkappler . A fantastic Social and Music Networking Site

Ryan La Greco (Original Guitarist)( Napervile ,Il).

Kevin Micheal Kappler (Vocals and Guitars)

New Songs are on the way. But these originals still remain thought-provoking classics to entertain and to relate to the human soul.

Listen to our other music station on Jango: http://www.jango.com/music/kevin+micheal+kappler

Or visit our My-space site at :http://www.myspace.com/kevinmichealkappler

Just sit back and listen to some well written indie style Gothic/punk/country : a new genre in the making and a classic in the making.

Currently being sold through http://www.tunecore.com/ and registered through the Broadcast Music Industry (BMI) These Gems are worth owning a piece of music history.

Look for us on http://www.amiestreetmusic/ and other fine music shops , on-line.

Kevin writes music to entertain and to enjoy the fruits of working hard to succeed in this rewarding career of the arts and entertainment.

Further information is available at www.facebook.com/pages/Kevin-Michael-Kapplers-Altered-Sensorium/176787942383140?sk=info

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