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Waves Introduces iGTR Personal Guitar Processor


Waves Audio introduces the iGTR Personal Guitar Processor, following in the footsteps of their critically acclaimed Waves GTR and GTR3 guitar interface and amplifier modeling packages. iGTR puts the GTR family's superb quality guitar amp and effects sounds into an intuitive, convenient, portable pocket-sized device that lets guitarists plug in and play, anytime, anywhere.

Waves iGTR offers a variety of Virtual Amps, variable-speed Modulation Effects and Ambience Effects. Thanks to Waves' powerful DSP technology, each Virtual Amp and Effect features remarkably realistic sounds inspired by vintage models. The three Virtual Amps (Warm, Normal, and Bright) employ dial-adjustable drive, making possible a huge range of sounds and styles, from smooth jazz to aggressive metal overdrive. Modulation Effects include Phaser, Tremolo, and Wah, with dial-controlled modulation speed, while Ambience Effects further enhance the sound with Reverb, Chorus, and Delay.

iGTR's convenient, intuitive operation and multiple inputs and outputs make it equally powerful as a preamp and recording effects processor, or as an on-the-go tool for playing alone or with friends. Additionally, guitarists can plug in an iPod or other mp3 player to jam along with their favorite songs. The unit includes a 1/4″ guitar input, a mini stereo auxiliary input (perfect for throwing an MP3 player into the mix) and two mini stereo outputs for connecting headphones or multimedia speakers, with separate guitar and aux output level controls. Using the aux input, two iGTRs can be linked together, making jamming with a friend more convenient (and non-disturbing to the neighbors) than ever.

“The GTR series has brought guitar processing technology and effects modeling to a new level,” says Waves CEO Gilad Keren. “Our new iGTR puts that power in a pocket-sized device for the on-the-go guitarist. For convenient practicing, playing along with favorite songs or jamming with friends, the iGTR is second-to-none.”

iGTR is powered by four included AAA batteries or a standard 6-12V DC Adapter (not included). Also included is a handy iGTR belt clip as well as a 50cm stereo auxiliary cable.

The iGTR Personal Guitar Processor from Waves will be available January 2008 with an MSRP of $100.00

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