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“Waterfall” by Barbara and Barry Simmons


“Waterfall,” by Barbara and Barry Simmons, is a down tempo love song with a jazzy influence. It has received a lot of attention on various internet sites and, early in 2007, reached #3 on CashBox Magazine's chart for indie easy listening/soft pop.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered in Barbara and Barry's studio which comprises two Roland VS1680's operated in synch using VS-Pro software. The vocals were recorded using an AKG C-4000 mic fed through an ART preamp and an external Presonus compressor before reaching the 1680's. The lead vocal was treated using tweaked PEQ, a tweaked vocal multi effect and a plate reverb. The vocal was then doubled and panned slightly left and right. Backup vocals were recorded similarly.

Instruments were recorded direct through a Mackie board before reaching the 1680's. Several keyboard tracks were recorded as well as electric guitar, bass and a drum loop. The keyboards include both a Roland RD-700 and a Korg Triton.

After mixdown within the 1680's, the song was uploaded into Soundforge9 for mastering using tweaked presets from iZotope. The final CD was produced using CD-Architect.

This cut was converted from a wav to an mp3 file to fit the size restriction needed by this site.

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Barbara and Barry have recorded two CD's of love songs, instrumentals and worship music, all done using an eclectic mix of pop, jazz and classical influences.

Their studio, the Jazz Kitchen, has completed several projects for other clients ranging from film scores, demo recordings and full CD projects. Barbara and Barry specialize in recording singer-songwriters and several of their clients have achieved notable success.

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