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VSTi Host for OS X Gains ReWire Support

VSTi Host for OS X Gains ReWire Support


July 20, 2004

Defective Records Software have updated VSTi Host for OS X to version
3.1x. In addition to adding support for ReWire on OS X, a number of new features
and fixes have been implemented.

New features in this update are:

  • Added support for ReWire client mode.
  • Added patch name drop down menus for all VST plugins.
  • MIDI port names now reflect custom port names entered into Audio MIDI Setup
  • Scanning of VST plugins on startup is now more robust – if error is encountered
    with particular plugin, scanning will continue of remaining plugins.

  • Display of plugin currently being scanned on startup now reliably displayed
    in startup window.
  • Added status window menu option, to display application startup and status
  • Updated addendum document.

VSTi Host costs $35 USD and a demo is available. The update is free for registered

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