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VSamp for Mac OS Updated to Version 3.5

VSamp for Mac OS Updated to Version 3.5


Version 3.5 of VSamp, a virtual sample player, has been released. The package includes an application for creating and playing banks of samples plus AudioUnits and VST format plug-ins for playing the virtual sample banks from within compatible sequencers.

VSamp's features includes 128 voice polyphony, 24-bit/192kHz support, resonant lowpass filters with realtime control, low frequency oscillators to modulate pitch and filters, a CPU-efficient audio engine, the ability to import SampleCell and SoundFont samples and keymaps, support for MacOS X including CoreMIDI Services, VST and AudioUnits

Version 3.5 is a major release adding the following:

  • Support for WAVE files
  • Support for 32-bit samples
  • Banks now respond to MIDI bank and patch change messages
  • Import SoundFont banks
  • Instruments can now contain up to 1000 (variable) samples
  • Banks can now contain up to 140 (variable) instruments
  • Reduced CPU load
  • Optional new amplitude model for instruments adds constant dB pan, constant dB-rate envelopes (improves compatibility with SoundFonts) and greater variety of note velocity responses
  • Minor interface changes including general speed increase and better onscreen keyboard

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VSamp 3.5 is a free upgrade for registered users. Registration costs $39.

For more information, visit their web site at

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