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Vox Offers Smaller Valvetronix Combos

Vox Offers Smaller Valvetronix Combos


January 20, 2004

VOX has added the AD15VT (15 Watts) and AD30VT (30 Watts) to its Valvetronix series of amplifiers. As with all other Valvetronix models, these new combos incorporate VOX's Valve Reactor circuitry, for tube power amp sound and feel. (For more information on Valvetronix technology, visit

In addition to 11 replicated, the AD15VT and AD30VT each offer 11 preset programs, plus 2 user-editable channels (programs) for saving combinations of amp and effect settings. 11 high-quality effects (plus noise reduction) are complemented by a Tap button, which allows the user to quickly set the delay time or modulation speed. An FX bypass button can be used in any mode to easily turn on or off effects. Both amps feature simple control layouts to enhance ease of use. Quick access to deeper editing is also provided on the top panel.

Both amplifiers have a built-in line/headphone jack for direct recording or practice, and come with custom-designed VOX speakers (1×8″AD15VT; 1×10″AD30VT). In addition, the AD30VT has user selectable output power (from 1-30 Watts) so that the Valve Reactor can be saturated at any sound level to deliver tube power amp sound and feel.

An optional VFS2 dual footswitch is available. The first footswitch toggles between user programs (CH1, CH2) and the second switch will bypass effects. Alternatively, the second footswitch can activate Manual mode instead of Effect Bypass, for hands-free switching between three sounds (two user + manual setting) during a live performance.

Both amps feature a sleek black finish, and a silver metal front grill that offers a modern twist to the traditional VOX design. Completing the package are traditional chicken head pointer knobs.

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