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Vox Introduces V810 Valve-Tone and V830 Distortion Booster Pedals

Vox Introduces V810 Valve-Tone and V830 Distortion Booster Pedals


July 11, 1997

VOX: the name alone conjures up the excitement of the classic era of rock guitar of the '60's. The ultimate VOX amps, the famous AC15 and the AC30, were true benchmarks which guitar sound has been measured against for the last four decades. It was VOX that also brought forth one of the most remarkable sound innovations in rock music of all time, the legendary VOX Wah Wah pedal.

At this NAMM Show, VOX is introducing the V810 Valve-Tone and V830 Distortion Booster. These brushed-diecast and chrome pedals are designed to provide the guitarist with sounds that range from warm overdrive to classic distortion with smooth tone and high gain.

The VOX V810 Valve-Tone is designed to respond like the front end pre-amp of a vintage valve amplifier. The Valve-Tone's analog circuit creates a natural, sensitive overdrive that responds to the slightest nuances of a player's technique.

By simply changing the pick attack, the guitarist can add harmonics to make their instrument snarl. The VOX V810 Valve-Tone provides ultra-sensitive response that simulates the playing style of a valve amp fully cranked. In fact, in addition to serving as an in-line effect pedal, the Valve-Tone is also designed for use as a pre-driver to boost any amplifier's drive sensitivity.

The V810 Valve-Tone has three controls – Gain, Level and Tone. VOX's “True Bypass” circuit ensures that the direct guitar sound is not altered in bypass mode. The VOX V810 Valve-Tone is powered by a 9-volt battery and an optional AC adapter is also available. In addition, the V810 Valve-Tone features ripple filter power supply circuitry which eliminates the line noise that often accompanies use of an AC adapter. Suggested retail price is $120.00

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The VOX V830 Distortion Booster delivers classic distortion sound with high gain and fat tone. The Distortion Booster is designed to cover the gamut of high-power guitar, from booming low to piercing, paint-scraping highs, while still delivering the sensitivity a guitarist needs to create a unique signature sound. The Drive, Level and Tone controls on the V830 Distortion Booster provide the guitarist with instant access to a wide range of tonal possibilities. Like the VOX V810 Valve-Tone, the V830 Distortion Booster also features VOX's “True Bypass” circuit. Suggested retail price is $120.00

Both the V810 Valve-Tone and V830 Distortion Booster are made in the image of the great VOX amplifiers that set the stage for rock guitar history. Both units are 9-volt powered, feature extremely long battery-life (V810 Valve-Tone: 70 hours continuous use; V830 Distortion Booster: 50 hours continuous use), can use AC adapters, and have LED status indicators.

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