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VOX Introduces Cambridge 15 Combo Amplifier

VOX Introduces Cambridge 15 Combo Amplifier


July 23, 1999

VOX continues to expand its line of guitar amplfiers with the introduction of the new 15 Watt Cambridge 15. This new combo, which includes a 12AX7 valve in its preamp section for authentic valve tone and an 8″ Celestion Bulldog speaker, features the classic VOX look and sound in a compact, affordable package.

The Cambridge 15 is also equipped with Volume, Gain, Treble, Bass, Tremolo Speed and Tremolo Depth controls, plus switches for Gain Boost and MidRange Boost as well as line, headphone and extension speaker outputs. An optional VRS2 dual footswitch provides footswitchable control over the Boost and Tremolo functions.

Like all VOX amps, the VOX Cambridge 15 is covered in traditional VOX basket-weave vinyl and VOX diamond grill cloth, and uses classic pointer-style knobs. Its dimensions are a compact, portable 15 1/2″W x 14 1/2″ H x 7 1/2″D.

Mitch Colby, Senior Vice President of Product Development commented, “This amp pays homage to classic VOX amps of the past, both in terms of its sound and look. It also includes features that today's player will appreciate like a headphone out for private practice. It's an ideal choice for someone who wants an affordable, great sounding amp for practice, recording and/or small venue performance.”

The new VOX Cambridge 15 combo amplifier is available in late Summer, 1999, with pricing to be announced shortly.

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