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Volume II of Blues Chord Progressions Guide Released


August 29, 2004

Curt Sheller Publications has now released the second volume in
The Advanced Guide to Blues Chord Progressions for Guitar series of books
for guitar players.

The Advanced Guide to Blues Chord Progressions for Guitar Volume II features
common blues chord progressions. These chord progressions can be used used
with the voicings from volume I, II & III of The Advanced Guide to Guitar
Chord Progressions for Guitar. Volume II covers the common rock and blues keys
of E, A, D, and G. Volume I coverd the common jazz keys of C, F and Bb.

Beyond learning the basic blues chord progression most players struggle with
advanced chords and progressions. Each volume of The Advanced Guide to Chords
and Progressions presents an organized approach to the mysterious subject of
advanced chords, chord progressions and chord substutition.

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The Blues are at the heart of all American music. It has influenced Country,
Rock, Folk, Jazz, Bluegrass and just about every form of American music we
listen to today. Studying the blues chord progressions presented in this book
can open creative possibilities for exploring chord progressions in all styles
of music, not just blues.

For more information, visit their web site at

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