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Visionary Solutions introduces Sentinel software  at InfoComm 2019

Visionary Solutions introduces Sentinel software at InfoComm 2019


At this year's InfoComm Convention, Visionary Solutions (Booth 3914) will be taking the wraps off their new PacketAV™ Sentinel software. PacketAV Sentinel enables proactive network AV monitoring with real-time alerting, making it simple to monitor the status of the network and network-connected AV devices from any location. With a user-friendly, single-screen GUI, Sentinel provides network AV endpoint visibility and immediately indicates faults, identifying failing endpoints by name. Its flexible, customizable, real-time alerts (via email, SMS, and SNMP) can be configured to match your specifications and thresholds.

Sentinel can provide Dante™ level and status monitoring with real-time audio level metering via HTML5 browsers and can provide real-time monitoring of Visionary Solutions Duet-series enterprise AV-over-IP devices. Sentinel can be deployed entirely on premises or in a hybrid cloud using a lightweight local gateway, and it has an API that enables integration into other enterprise-wide monitoring and control systems, making detailed Dante and AV-over-IP status available to existing solutions.

To monitor and manage a network, Sentinel relies on Sentinel Agents, which are intelligent and lightweight data-collector devices that run on the local network 24/7. The Sentinel Agent automatically discovers and monitors all network AV devices that are attached to the network. When changes occur, the Agent communicates essential data to the Sentinel cloud or local manager via a secure socket. The Agent also listens for remote connection requests from the secure Sentinel cloud. The Agent is the only device that communicates outside the client network. Sentinel Agents can be deployed in two ways: You can purchase a turnkey hardware appliance, or they can be deployed as a Virtual Machine for enterprise clients.

With its combination of proactive monitoring that identifies issues before they impact end users and cause disruptions; flexible, customizable, real-time alerts; integration with existing systems;  and simple, straightforward use interface, Visionary Solutions PacketAV Sentinel software significantly improves user satisfaction and improves efficiency. It enables integrators to offer new services, including scalable service programs, and to develop sustainable revenue streams. To top it off, Sentinel is competitively priced and can scale from small standalone systems to global enterprises. It's powerful because it's simple.

Visionary Solutions PacketAV Sentinel software is available immediately. For more information about Visionary Solutions, please visit


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About Visionary Solutions

Founded in 1995, Visionary Solutions, Inc. manufactures Audio and Video Internet Protocol (AV over IP) equipment that provides real-time transport of audio and video over IP networks. With SD, HD, and 4K encoders that support the latest technology standards including Dante, H.264, and JPEG2000, Visionary's modular solutions are recognized around the world for their outstanding value, performance, flexibility, and quality. With a company-wide focus on customer satisfaction through collaboration and hands-on support, Visionary Solutions is a trusted partner for high-quality AV over IP products for enterprise, education, healthcare, houses of worship, government, professional A/V, cable, broadband, and broadcast applications.

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