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Virtual Mixing Console Updated to Version 1.1


October 6, 2004

Spin Audio has released Virtual Mixing Console version 1.1, a free update offering improved performance, unicode compatibility, Pentium 4 Hyper-threading systems support and syncing to MIDI Start/Stop.

Virtual Mixing Console lets you turn your computer into an automatable multi-channel digital mixer with VST effects processing and a host for playing VST instruments.

What's new in version 1.1:

  • VMC now works on Pentium 4 Hyper-threading enabled systems
  • Stereo channel strips now can accept mono inputs
  • Unicode support
  • Improved MIDI I/O handling through DirectMusic interface
  • Improved Audio/MIDI synchronization. No more audio drop-outs when processing MIDI by VSTis on graphic intensive operations
  • Sync to MIDI Start/Stop/Continue
  • Engine Start/Stop
  • Use minimal buffer size option is now switched off by default
  • Keep input MIDI ports open option added
  • Tooltips for toolbar icons added
  • Application toolbar labels added
  • Last browsed folder are now stored separately for project, preset and strip settings files
  • A number of bug fixes

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System Requirements:

  • Platform: Intel Pentium, and compatible CPUs
  • Operating Systems: 2000/XP

Virtual Mixing Console is now available for purchase in the SpinAudio OnLine Shop with a price of 149 USD and also through SpinAudio distributors. Rgistered users can upgrade to the new version for free.

For more information, visit their web site at

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