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Version 8 of Sound Forge Announced

Version 8 of Sound Forge Announced


January 20, 2005

Sony is announcing the launch of Sound Forge 8 software, the latest version of its professional digital audio editing tool.

New features in version 8 include the addition of CD Architect 5.2 software for professional CD mastering, along with application scripting functionality and batch processing and customizable keyboard commands. Additionally, low-latency ASIO driver support, and VST plug-in support to significantly expand the number of effect options users can now apply to their audio project are also included.

Additional features and enhancements in Sound Forge 8 software include audioscrubbing and Windows XP theme support

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Sound Forge 8 will be available through Sony's national dealer network in February at a suggested retail price of $499.95.

For more information, visit their web site at

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