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Version 6.9 of Pro Tools Announced

Version 6.9 of Pro Tools Announced


Digidesign has announced Pro Tools 6.9 software, which brings a new cross-platform feature set to Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools LE systems, with an emphasis on post production and advanced mixing functionality.

Pro Tools 6.9 software works with Avid Mojo and Digidesign AVoption|V10 video I/O peripherals and the Avid Media Station|PT companion application to give video post production facilities an integrated audio-for-video solution that is both powerful and affordable. With deeper support for hardware interfaces, new software features, tighter integration with Avid picture systems, and a broader range of file standards, Pro Tools 6.9 software provides the key to smooth collaboration throughout the post and broadcast production cycle.

Audio mixing functionality is greatly enhanced as well. Both experienced Pro Tools users and engineers who are more familiar with traditional consoles will benefit from powerful new software features that streamline mixing. Pro Tools 6.9 combines support for the new medium-format ICON D-Command tactile worksurface, new capabilities for ICON D-Control systems such as inline console emulation, new automation features, AFL/PFL Solo, and more.

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Pro Tools 6.9 software also delivers additional features that will benefit all Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools LE system owners. Pro Tools 6.9 includes the new high-resolution EQ III plug-in to help fine-tune your tracks, and it enables users to organize all plug-ins by type and/or manufacturer. In addition, Pro Tools 6.9 offers enhanced integration with third-party sound library managers on Windows XP and incorporates a “Send to DigiDelivery” command to facilitate collaboration through the DigiDelivery file delivery system. Furthermore, the availability of the Pro Tools user interface in Korean and Simplified Chinese expands the accessibility of this powerful software.

Pro Tools 6.9 software combines features introduced in Pro Tools 6.4, 6.6, and 6.7 software. It is available as a free update for Pro Tools|HD system owners with Pro Tools 6.4 software or later and for Pro Tools LE system owners with Pro Tools 6.7.

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