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Version 3.0 Update for Eclipse Adds User-Definable Scales


September 5, 2004

In a move that expands the performance capabilities of its Eclipse
digital multi-effects processor, Eventide released the Eclipse 3.0, optimized
for live performance. Eclipse owners can upgrade their units to V3.0 with
a free download.

Fulfilling the many user requests by guitar players the world over, Eclipse
3.0 takes Eventide's contemporary diatonic shifting technology, capable of
producing up to eight simultaneous voices of pitch shifting, and integrates
the User-Definable Scales functionality of the H3000 UltraHarmonizer. Program
change is fast; Eclipse offers ninety effects algorithms and three hundred
and ninety presets providing fertile ground for guitar players looking to create
their own signature sound. Fully editable and controllable in real time, Eclipse
3.0 represents a full complement of Eventide's effects; the impact on sounds
of numerous hit records spanning thirty-three years is undeniable. Each parameter
in the Eclipse is addressable by two programmable 1/4″ inputs or MIDI control
input with power provided for a MIDI foot controller.

Eventide's Eclipse digital audio effects processor is configurable in a series,
parallel, stereo or dual mono and is built on a dual-engine platform. The Eventide
Eclipse offers five times the processing power of its predecessor, the H3000,
and allows the user to run two powerful stereo effects simultaneously in a
more space-efficient package and offers many of the H3000's most popular effects.
The Eclipse uses relays to provide a true hard-wire bypass to remove itself
completely from the circuit so nothing comes between you and your amp. The
Eclipse also features a heavy gauge, all-metal faceplate, solid positive-action
controls and a sharp and bright display easily visible at an off angle.

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In addition to being a road warrior, the Eclipse is well equipped for any
studio session. Eclipse features 1/4″ balanced TRS and XLR analog I/O; S/PDIF,
AES and ADAT digital I/O, including word clock, and supports 44.1, 48, 88 and
96 kHz sampling frequencies.

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