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Version 2 of Alphabet Soup for OS X Released


December 28, 2004

The good chefs at Oz Music Code have just released version 2 of their product, Alphabet Soup.

Alphabet Soup version 2 is a simple, yet powerful sample player, editor, effects processor and mixer aimed at live performers (e.g. DJ's, theatre, radio, backing tracks) and education, without requiring external musical equipment.

With its drag & drop user interface and its low-latency performance, Alphabet Soup allows you to play your computer.

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Alphabet Soup version 2 now also adds the following functionality:

  • Support for Audio Units plug-Ins
  • Support for both QWERTY and MIDI input
  • Support for over a dozen files types including MP3
  • Continuously saves your mix as you play
  • Edit sounds while playing. Cut, copy and paste regions of sounds including riffs from MP3 files onto playable keys
  • New SOUPP file format allows you to save audio files, keyboard layouts, volume and pan settings in one portable session file

A demo version is available for download. The full version can be purchased for $59.95.

For more information, visit their web site at

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