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Version 2.0 Portadrive Software Announced

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Saturday September 17, 2005

HHB Communications has released new Portadrive V2.0 operating software, delivering a number of critical enhancements to the multi-channel location sound hard disk recorder.

The facility to copy recordings to external DVD+-R/RW and CDR/RW in addition to the existing DVD-RAM greatly increases flexibility in the provision of rushes, while adding another dimension to the Portadrive's already extensive data transfer facilities. Furthermore, the added support of the UDF format for DVD-RAM now enables Portadrive sessions to be played back on Fostex DV40 and DV824 devices.

The Portadrive V2.0 also offers a substantially extended iXML implementation in readiness for the wider adoption of this powerful metadata format. Updates have also been made to the HFS drivers for SDII files and Pro Tools sessions, ensuring even greater disc and file compatibility.

In line with HHB's policy of continually improving the Portadrive through responding to user feedback, V2.0 also includes a long list of developments designed to enhance the Portadrive's operation in the field.

The Peak Reset key on the front panel is now assignable, most usefully for slate increment. Phase reverse is now available on all six input channels (previously only three) and with +6dB of gain on the bus mixer, it's now possible to create a 'hot' mix of tracks that have been recorded at low levels for increased headroom. Any input can now be routed to any track for greater flexibility, and track names now follow input names, with this naming also appearing in the new iXML metadata.

Timecode functionality is also enhanced, with the ability to switch off the external timecode error warning from the display, which can be distracting when running to external timecode that stops between takes.

With V2.0, it's now possible to store markers with a project allowing use when a session is reloaded. A facility for the deletion of markers has also been added. Finally, the input parameter setting of the relevant channel now flashes to show that the Solo switch is active. In addition to the light in the Solo keys, this gives further indication of Solo status and can be easily seen even in bright light.

A DVD including a full Portadrive demonstration and contributions from leading sound mixers Tony Dawe and Brent Marchenski is available now, free of charge, from HHB Communications. Go to:

HHB products are distributed exclusively in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean by Sennheiser Electronic Corporation.

For more information, visit their web site at

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