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Version 1.1 Update to Jamstix Virtual Drummer Available

Version 1.1 Update to Jamstix Virtual Drummer Available


Rayzoon Technologies has released an update for its virtual drummer VSTi, Jamstix, to version 1.1

This update includes numerous enhancements, many of which were requested by customers, as well as various bug fixes.

Enhancements include:

  • Jamstix can now handle time signature changes within a song.
  • Audio trim knob is now input trim knob and controls MIDI input as well as audio
  • Audio-in velocity map is now input velocity map knob and controls MIDI input response as well as audio
  • Added 'accent suppression' to mode editor to specify a number of bars that should be without snare or tom accents after a fill or intro.
  • Added instant fill, intro and ending triggers to the mode editor
  • Fills and intros are now protected within a live loop (unless on the last bar of the loop)
  • Data is now zipped to reduce project file size by about 300kB
  • Preview is now at host tempo instead of fixed
  • Added 'PowerPlay' MIDI automation parameter
  • Visually improved buttons
  • Tooltips (bubble help) abandoned in favor of status line hint display with higher compatibility and less CPU usage
  • Jam control panel sliders that do not apply to manual jam are now hidden in manual jam
  • Added MIDI automation parameter that can suppress snare and tom accents
  • Bar offset can now be set via ini file (works like bar offsets in Cubase)
  • Console sliders can now be trimmed via ini setting (GainBoost=x with x being a multiplier)
  • Added percentage display to tooltips on various sliders in the jam tab
  • When loading a project with Jamstix in Free Jam mode, the arrangement is no longer reset
  • Expanded manual + 'Free Jam Quick Start Guide' for Sonar, Cubase and Tracktion
  • AudioM8 now supports muting audio source
  • Added logic to detect missing 'accents' folder and prompt the user.
  • MIDI automation toggle parameters now toggle at 50% vs. 0/100% to make editing easier
  • DFHS extra sounds (LRTom, LRSnare) can now be mapped via ini file
  • Reduced disk and memory footprint
  • Jamstix now aborts the module load and prompts the user if a sub-hosted module requires more outputs than Jamstix is set to (still some exceptions)

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fuxed chimes offset
  • Fixed several 'Invalid Pointer Operation' errors
  • Fixed pulsating screen refresh when changing fills etc. in the arranger
  • Return-to-zero now works fine in SAVIHost and Chainer Standalone
  • Fixed Jamstix 'forgetting' key word jam settings after GUI close
  • Console outputs shown in use when subhosting now reflect actual outputs in use by module

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