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VC-12 Foot Controller For Vox Valvetronix Amps and Tonelab

VC-12 Foot Controller For Vox Valvetronix Amps and Tonelab


July 20, 2003

In order to offer Valvetronix users more flexibility, enhanced capabilities, and easier operation, VOX introduces the VC-12 Foot Controller.

The VC-12 starts with the same capabilities of the VC-4 Foot Controller, such as Program Selection, Tap Tempo, built-in Tuner (with Mute function), Individual Effects On/Off selection, Wah pedal (that can also control Volume), external Volume pedal input, and Parameter Control. It also offers a second Controller pedal for Volume (both pedals are heavy duty, chrome topped, as used on VOX Wah pedals), as well as large, heavy duty stomp box switches, independent Bank Up/Down switches, and a Recall switch to automatically revert to the prior selected program.

In addition, the VC-12 is capable of storing four banks of Valvetronix amp user programs. Valvetronix amps alone can store 32 programs, whereas the VC-12 offers the user an additional 96 programs for a total of 128. Programs can be stored from any Valvetronix amp into the VC-12, and loaded into another amp. As an added bonus, the VC-12 can control two Valvetronix amplifiers at one time.

To minimize cable clutter on stage, the VC-12 is conveniently powered by the Valvetronix amp it is connected to (via the VOX Buss Main interface cable, which can also for connection with the ToneLab Amp and Effect Modeler).

Dimensions: 27.95″(W) x 2.09″(D) x 9.45″(H). The VOX VC-12 Foot Controller comes with a carrying case.

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The VOX VC-12 Foot Controller will be available September 2003 with a U.S. MSRP of $350.

For more information, visit their web site at

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