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Vault Series Cymbals Debuts with Crash Models

Vault Series Cymbals Debuts with Crash Models


January 26, 2005

The first model introduced by Sabian into its new Vault range of cymbals and sounds is the Vault Crash. Hand crafted from Sabian B20 Bronze, this thin yet extremely robust model is designed to deliver powerful and punchy front-end attack with bright, glassy sounds and a full sustain for increased effectiveness.

Sabian has boosted the performance of the Vault Crash with a design that takes advantage of the silver in its 'secret process' B20 Bronze, so this model can 'slice through the sounds around it.' Available in all the popular sizes — 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″ and 20″, the Vault Crash also benefits from a power-increasing bell, balanced bell-to-bow response, and narrow pin-lathing that reinforces the high-end focus of its sound.

“The Vault Crash,” said Sabian master product specialist Mark Love, “is an extremely punchy and aggressive cymbal that is powered by the silver in its B20 Bronze; its sound slices through any music. This model has a powerful front-end attack and full, shimmering sound with wide response sensitivity, so it can deliver clean, glassy crashing at low volumes, or blow through the loudest band. This is a very efficient and effective crash with a super-clean, cutting, and modern sound. As our artisans say, with the Vault Crash you can 'hear the silver'”.

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Sabian president Dan Barker added: “Vault is all about the freedom to turn inspired ideas into inspiring innovation. Whether chat room talk on the Internet, word on the street, or thoughts here at Sabian inspire those ideas, we consider them all. And Vault is where you will hear the very best of them. The Vault Crash was refined through two years of R&D and prototype evaluation, including reaction during our recent Vault Tour, which saw thousands of people experience unmarked prototypes of this model. The response was so positive that it receiveda priority release date to launch our new Vault range.”

The Sabian Vault Crash is available exclusively in Brilliant Finish, and is protected by Sabian's One-Year Quality Protection Warranty.

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