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Updated Versions of ACTIVE eBASS Refills Released


December 29, 2004

Kreativ Sounds has released ACTIVE eBASS Plus 1.2 and ACTIVE eBASS LE 1.2, revised and improved versions of the Reason Refills.

Containing electric guitar, analog, and additive basses in one collection, this update comes loaded with 1280 presets and more cool stuff.

New in 1.2 version:

  • 23 new multisample sets: upright, precisison, analog and additive basses and more bass FXs;
  • 377 new presets (80 NNXT, 93 NN19, 68 Malstrom, 62 Subtractor, 55 Scream4, 19 RV7000);
  • 26 Malstrom effects for Bass and Drums;
  • 4 new song configurations to enhance you bass sounds;
  • True NNXT Guitar updated to version 1.1 with the introduction of bass lifts samples making this way the guitar patches complete

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  • All NNXT patches with True NNXT Guitar were reprogrammed and tweaked more for better sound results.
  • Better organized Scream4 and RV7000 patches;
  • Few scream4 and malstrom pressets were tweeked a bit more for a better sound;
  • Updated manual with the new version content details about the refill content.

The full version has 120 MB and costs 29.50 Euro / 37.50 USD and available to purchase online via the company's website.

For more information, visit their web site at

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