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“Untitled” by Marco Esposito/AKA MR. E


My name is Marco Esposito, I live in Bristol and I am 25 years old. Ever since I can remember I have loved and been inspired by music of all genres.

From an early age music rapidly became a big and important part of my life and will continue to do so. I began listening to early rave music and fell in love with the whole dance scene. As I grew up I started to listen to Reggea Hiphop and RNB, the urban thing was unique and the melodies, bass lines and liriks threw me.

Clubbing and listening to music was the closiest I could get to considering myself a part of the music scene, but then soon realised that just wasn't good enough! I began hosting Small Drum and Bass events and found myself a place on stage as an mc. After a short and succesful time I took a step back and started to make music of my own as that's where I felt my heart was at.

I make Minimal Techno and Drum and Bass music, trying to combine different styles from all genres in order to make my music fresh and unique. I have slowly formed a small studio at home over time and use a variety of softwares and instruments in order to produce the best samples and create the perfect sound. My inspirations comes from all angles of life and I hope you will notice in my tracks that this is what Im trying to express and achieve!

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