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“Untitled” by lunar lander


This song was recorded at 2 home studios and was worked and reworked over the course of 9 months. It started in my very small (it fits under my desk, as my apartment is very small) home studio using ACID pro 6.0 as the software.

I have a 65 vox AC30tb head that goes into a homemade isolation cabinet for the speaker with an SM57 mounted. The interface I use is a MOTU 8 pre. I recorded the guitar to a metronome, actually a “drums on demand” track to get a little more feeling while maintaining tempo. I also recorded a keyboard part from my micro korg keyboard. Bass was next through my re-issue 51 p bass to a cheap, in-line Guyatone compressor to an Ashdown EVO II 500 head DI’d to the motu.

The entire basic tracks recorded and in tempo, I then divided each individual track into the various song sections using ACIDs editing. I could then move the various sections and basically arraign the song, ad naseum. And I did just that. I could never get the arraignment right. Various parts where added, taken away and so on.
I finally settled on a workable arraignment and brought my entire workstation (CPU and all) to my friend’s bigger home studio. Here we have a drum room with RODE NTKs over head, RE-20 in the kick, sm57 on the snare top and bottom, an old AKG D-12e on tom 3, 2 Sennh md421s on tom 2 an4, an sm57 on tom 1 and finally a SM94 on the high hats. All that is routed through a mid 90s RAMSA board to a MOTU 828mkII through to ACID.
After the drums were recorded, I redid the bass line to remove the “sectional” feeling that breaking the line into segments gave me. The acoustic guitar came next with a SMM94 13 inches away from the 13th fret. The acoustics is a jem, pulled out of the trash pile and cracked and repaired with auto filler! The electric guitar is still the “sectional” recording with the various parts move all around and repeated as needed.

It seems strange that I find myself recording drums last of all these days, but doing so affords a lot of flexibility in the arraignment of the song. Post production work consisted of very little compression of tracks (maybe none, actually) a little eq and silencing quiet sections. I am taking the audio masterclass and love it so far!

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