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“Untitled” by JD FOX


We, JD FOX, are 2 song writers that have been writing songs for years. We have 2 albums out and are in the process of writing the third album.

The thing is we live over 2000 miles apart. I (Dug), live in Kansas and my partner Jim lives in California. We write our material using the internet and computers.

We get together at least 3 times a week, via webcam for business and lyric writing and we use a free (at the present time) jamming service called “ejam”. With that online service we can write the music.

I play guitar and sing and Jim plays the keys and sings. With “e jam” we are able to play together as if we are in the same room. Once we get the rough parts to the songs we then lay down the final parts at each of our homes.

In Kansas I have the mixing gear so all tracks eventually come here. I use the “sonar 7” by cakewalk . With that unit we have unlimited tracks and many effects. We record 24 bit.

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Getting used to the computer versus an analog recording machine took some time to make the sound natural.

We use to record with a tascam reel to reel for years. But when we moved apart something new had to happen. Now I wouldn’t go back to the analog system. You can do so much more when you see the wave form in front of you.

We start out with the drum tracks, bass and guitars in Kansas. I send those tracks separately to Jim in California via an FTP. They are still 24 bit. Jim in Cal. downloads them onto his 24 bit mixer on his computer and puts his parts down.

He then sends just his parts, still 24 bit to me via the FTP and I put them into the final mix. It isn’t as hard as it sounds.

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