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“Untitled” by Casey Dilworth


This particular song “When I See Her” was recorded with the software Adoboe Audiotion 3.o.

I as I stated earlier I do all my recording using line in only. I have been told a better sound can be acheived by running thru an amp, but, so far I have been satisfied with this.

I am using my Gretsch Rancher Jr. for rythmn, and a 1974 Telecaster bass for the bass, and my Gretsch Country Classic for the lead. The loops are for drums, the background cello, and the string section, all from Adobe.

I think it makes a nice complimentary sound, but, I suppose I could be wrong, but, I liked it.

This is a contrast to my previous posting, but, we all have many sides.

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Keep up the good work everyone and above all enjoy it as you are doing it.


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