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Universal Audio Reissues the LA-3A Audio Leveler

Universal Audio Reissues the LA-3A Audio Leveler


Universal Audio has announced the LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler. The LA-3A is a clone of the classic solid-state opto-compressor first launched in 1969.

“Analog enthusiasts can be confident that the new UA LA-3A is a painstaking and exact replica right down to the original board layout with just 3 modern enhancements that depart from the original design for easy modern studio integration. We added XLR's to compliment the barrier strip, IEC power for modern international compliance and a rear-switch for the popular “Gain Mod” option that was often soldered to the boards of original LA-3A's.” said Joe Bryan, Universal Audio, VP of Engineering.

LA-3A Features:

  • Custom Reissue UA Transformers & T4 Cell
  • Rear Panel, “Gain Mod” switch, Barrier Strip & XLR's
  • Discrete, Class A Amplifier-Up to 50 dB gain
  • Designed by ex-UREI engineer, Dennis Fink

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“The LA-3A has seen incarnations under both the Teletronix/Universal Audio and UREI brands and can count many of worlds top engineers amongst its fan base. The new UA clone is based on the most popular UREI/Universal Audio faceplate version,” said Mike Barnes, UA's Director Of Marketing. “As with previous UA reissues, our engineers have invested a great deal of research, time and energy in getting the board layout, components and custom transformers exactly right and where they still existed, we returned to the original part vendors. Sonically, we then went through a process of matching and delicately tweaking the signature sound via precision measuring and then real-world studio listening tests until we were satisfied that we were within the unit-to-unit variation of the revered originals.”

The LA-3A will have an estimated US street price of $1499 and be available in Q2 2005.

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