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Universal Audio Debuts 4110 and 8110 Multi-Channel Mic Preamps

Universal Audio Debuts 4110 and 8110 Multi-Channel Mic Preamps


October 29, 2004

Universal Audio announced the 8110 and 4110 Precision multi-channel microphone preamplifiers. Both units feature a brand new Class A, all discrete design with dual-stage level controls and unique 3-way “Shape” switching on every channel for a wide and versatile tone palette. The 8110 (an 8 channel unit) and the 4110 (a 4 channel unit with DI) will list for $5295 and $3195 respectively.

“UA is well known for classics and vintage recreations, but the 8110 and 4110 are brand new designs, developed and road-tested in the studio just like the historical UA solid-state 1108 and 1109 units,” said Joe Bryan, VP of Engineering for Universal Audio. ” The precision “110” series was designed to stand alone with its unique sonic character and tonal flexibility to go from ultra-clean and transparent, to warm and “crunchy” via our front-panel switchable transformer loading or “Shape” control.”

The shape switching modes are:

  • Modern: Ultra-clean, transparent, maximum headroom
  • Vintage: Transformer-loaded with harmonic enhancement
  • Saturate: Transformer-loaded with soft limiting and transient smoothing

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Key features include:

  • All discrete Class A, transformer input, DC-coupled output, 80dB gain
  • 3-way “SHAPE” switch: Modern/Vintage/Saturate
  • Dual-stage level controls for maximum harmonic flexibility
  • Lightening-fast transients, wide-bandwidth, high-headroom, low-noise
  • Mic XLR, TRS or XLR line, and D-sub 25-pin connectors
  • Selectable microphone and DI input impedance
  • Switchable per-channel phantom power, mic pad, low-cut filter, and phase
  • Stunning dual-textured all-anodized black front panel, with blue illuminated switches and multi-segment, multi-color LED level metering.

For more information, visit their web site at

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