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Ueberschall releases Anniversary Edition: RetroFit Series


Right in time to the 20th anniversary of the German company, Ueberschall releases a mass content of sampling CDs gathered in five units of the so called RetroFit series. The RetroFit series contains fifteen of their most popular sample CDs, but now converted to famous Elastik player format. Each unit includes three sample CDs, in detail:

Unit 1

Essentials of the Order – More just ain’t possible!

A massive new collection of the outstanding Sampling CD’s “Techno Trance Essentials”, “House Essentials” and “Loop Essentials”.

2.1GB, 8.600 Loops and Samples


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Unit 2

ComfortZone – XXL Relaxation.

For high-anxiety times comes stress-free grooves. Dreamy, smooth offerings made of lush live instruments and laidback performances from 3 more top cds, another trilogy of delight.

“Brazil Electro” (construction kits & loops)

“Easy Listening” (construction kits & loops)

“Rhodes Attacks” (loops)

1.8 GB, 1.790 Loops and Samples


Unit 3

AntiGravity Maneuvers – It's Here.

Edge chasing epics of DnB(drum and bass) and 2 Step(garage) under Elastik ordinance. Includes the following sharp shooter collections:

“DnB Resonance”

“DnB Flashtrackz”

“2 Step Garage”

2.1 GB, 3.100 Loops and Samples


Unit 4

Astral Electro Flux – Because you deserve it!

Artificially driven audio pattern interruptions with origins from German Underground. Includes the analog collections:

“Electro Shock I”

“Electro Shock II”

“Techno Identity”

2.4 GB, 3.100 Loops and Samples


Unit 5

Sensory Disruption – Blast Away!

Original innovative full motion sound fx collections in one place, re-ordered and housed under the Elastik hood.

Central Processing Cores included:

“F.A.S.T. Animation”

“Special Sound Effects”

“Jingle FX”

1.4 GB, 1.600 Loops and Samples


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