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Two-Volume "Atmospherix" Collection from Hark Productions

Two-Volume “Atmospherix” Collection from Hark Productions


Hark Productions announced that they have begun shipping a two-volume set of pads, soundscapes & rhythms for use with both loop-based recording and NLE software, created by Detroit-based sound master Wayne Gerard.

Atmospherix is a collection of royalty-free, fully ACIDized loops and features a diverse set of 24-bit pads and soundscapes that cover every mood — from serene to disturbing. Filling out this sound arsenal is a substantial collection of rhythmic ensembles, sound effects and sound events.

From Wayne: “The pads & soundscapes in Atmospherix are a collection of beautiful, strange and disturbing canvases, drones and textures designed to evoke an emotional response. I tend to look at these from a 'language' point of view, trying to describe 'aurally' the feelings I'm seeing on screen or trying what I'm to make the listener experience…so I may have 'verb' sounds for hiding, running, searching, fighting or “adjective” sounds for sadness, fear, joy and pain and so on. But the choice is up to's how they make you feel which will dictate how you use them. But no matter if you are scoring an independent film or doing sound design for your industrial dance song, you can find the mood you are looking for in the pads & soundscapes found in Atmospherix.”

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Atmospherix is the first crossover library from Hark Loops and the first set in the Wayne Gerard Collection.

Availability & Pricing

Atmospherix is currently available directly from Hark Productions. The MSRP is $49.95 per volume/$89.95 for the 2-volume set. Retail discounts are offered on the website.

For more information, visit their web site at

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