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Two sound engineers wanted - must wear anoraks and use pocket protectors!

Two sound engineers wanted – must wear anoraks and use pocket protectors!


Opera North is creating a new Sound & Video Department and now has vacancies for…


“Anoraks with personality required!”

To prepare, implement and operate performance related audio and video equipment and communications systems within a touring opera environment.

You wait ages and ages and ages for a bus, then two come along – just like sound engineering apparently.

Vacancies in sound engineering are almost never advertised, except by publicly-funded bodies who have to advertise.

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This job would be perfect for someone with sound engineering experience, and probably a little blagability around video – the video side will probably just be hooking up cameras and monitors for video foldback on stage.

But you need to wear an anorak.

“What's an anorak?” I hear from non-UK readers…

An anorak is a bulky and completely unstylish item of clothing favored by people who have an intense interest in a particular aspect of technology, in this case sound and video. Usually that intense interest occupies such a proportion of their brain capacity that their social skills suffer. But this is fine – they'll be perfectly happy in their work and never waste time chatting.

In countries where anoraks are not worn, a pocket protector is often used for the same symbolic reasons.

You will notice that the jobs are in touring opera…


You almost certainly will not be required to have any knowledge or experience of opera. And opera these days encompasses an amazing range of technology – far more in fact that you would experience in concert PA.

In short, it's an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in sound. The experience will be amazing.

Go for it!!

(And let us know how you get on.)

Closing date for applications: Friday August 4, 2006

P.S. Naturally you will need to be able to work legally in the UK. Unfortunately, Audio Masterclass can not help with that.

David Mellor

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