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Two New Instructional CD-ROMs from Riff Interactive


July 31, 2004

Riff Interactive, a developer of interactive guitar lesson CD-ROMs,
has released Guitar Techniques columes I and II (retail $10.95, sale $9.95

Great guitar techniques are an essential tool for any guitar player. A good
vibrato, pull-off or hammer-on technique can bring to life any musical phrase
or lick. Learning scales, chords, improvising and theory are very important,
however incorporating these techniques will add magic to your playing. This
lesson series is designed to improve the style of any beginner and intermediate

These lessons will focus on illustrating basic techniques and tricks, then
expand into exercises and classic licks by popular guitarists who use these

CD-ROM Software Features:

  • Interactive tab/notation that syncs to the actual guitar audio.
  • Virtual guitar neck showing the notes being played and the fingering.
  • Select, loop, slow media and tab notation down to your desired speed while
    maintaining original pitch.
  • Videos and looping jam tracks to practice with.
  • Transcription of lessons where actual students interact with teacher.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

The Riff Interactive CD-ROM catalog which contains previews of each product
is at: All
new CDs retail for $10.95, but are currently on sale for $9.95 for a limited

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