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Two New Apex Drum Microphone Bundles

Two New Apex Drum Microphone Bundles


Apex Electronics is now offering two new “drum packs”, providing a choice of 4 or 6 microphones to suit your application.

The new Apex-DP1 drum pack contains four of the essential dynamic microphones for micing a basic drum kit. Designed for use in most live applications where cymbals and overheads don't need to be reinforced, but the kick, snare and toms needs to get into the mix 'with authority'.

One Apex125 large diaphragm dynamic microphone is included in the package. Suited to handling the extremely high SPL and extended low frequencies that most bass drums can produce, the mic's element is protected in a solid zinc die-cast outer casing and can easily handle 165dB SPL at the input.

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The three Apex126 mics in the DP1 are designed from the ground up for a drum kit, and are designed for the demanding job of micing the snare and toms. Made of a zinc die-cast casing to protect the mic's elements from the occasional stick hit that is inevitable over a drumhead, the Apex126 features a cardioid polar pattern with maximum rejection 180 degrees off axis. The Apex126 can easily handle up to 145dB SPL at the input, and comes equipped with a rubber shock-absorbing clip made for mounting on the drum rim. This clip is designed not to shift position or to damage your snare's chrome or brass rim.

The six microphones in the Apex-DP2 Drum Pack have been specifically selected to provide the most complete and comprehensive micing system for a standard 5-piece drum set, including both specialized dynamic and condenser microphones.

The Apex125 and Apex126 microphones handle the vital kick and snare drums respectively. The three Apex165 microphones included in the Apex-DP2 pack handle the high SPL you would expect when close micing a tom. Their miniature design comes complete with shockmount assembly and gooseneck clamp, perfect for safe attachment to any drum rim without damaging or breaking the chrome or lacquer.

The final microphone that makes up the Apex-DP2 is a single Apex190 stubby pencil condenser cardioid microphone ideal for use as an overhead mic over the full drum kit, or for close micing on hi-hats or splash cymbals.

The six individual microphones in the Apex-DP2 are shipped in a molded carrying case with the specialized clips for use on and around the drum set.

MSRP for the DP1 is $209, and $699 for the DP2.

For more information, visit their web site at

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