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Trinity Master Clock from Antelope Audio Released


Antelope Audio announces the release of their new master clock “TRINITY”. This feature rich product is the next generation in a line of clocks from the company who have rapidly become the favourite brand among some of the worlds best mix and mastering engineers. Based on the same Oven Controlled Crystal technology as in their award winning OCX and OCX-V master clocks, the Trinity has a whole host of new features which include 3 Independent Audio Generators up to 384kHz, with Varispeed Control. 3 Independent SD Generators, simultaneously offering PAL and NTSC. 3 Independent HD Generators, presenting a choice of 16 formats, and Antelope`s 4th Generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) which now employs 64 bit DSP. Also, a very elegant Triple Display shows the frequencies for the Independent Audio Generators. Of course, TRINITY maintains all of the features from Antelopes current OCX-V Audio/Video Master Clock, such as Antelopes Jitter Management Module, Black burst generator, and full Audio and Video Gearboxing with simultaneous 0.1 and 4% pull-ups/pull-downs. All of this comes in an Intuitive Menu-Free User Interface, just as you would expect from Antelope.

As with the OCX and OCX-V, the Trinity can accept input from the mighty 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock. Using the Atomic Clock together with any of Antelope`s master clocks (TRINITY, OCX, or OCX-V) will in effect bypass the already supremely stable Oven Controlled Crystal in these devices and resolve to Atomic for their reference…… You are now absolutely sample accurate for 8 days! The resulting benefits to your sound are something that cannot be explained by science alone. One of the recent Antelope converts Michael Brauer writes an informative and entertaining real world (he talks about the sound) article about this, which can be read on Antelopes website. By the way — Trinity, OCX, and OCX-V are calibrated to Atomic at the factory, and are capable of being recalibrated to Atomic in the field so you don`t have to worry about losing stability due to ageing components.


  • 3 Independant Audio Generators up to 384 kHz, with Varispeed Control
  • 3 Independant SD Generators, simultaneously offering PAL and NTSC
  • 3 Independant HD Generators, presenting a choice of 16 Formats
  • Intuitive Menu-Free User Interface with Triple Display
  • 4th Generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking, now employing 64 bit DSP
  • Dual Redundant Power Supply for added reliability
  • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator or Atomic Input for Supremely Low Jitter
  • Factory calibrated to better than +/-0.02PPM accuracy via Atomic Clock
  • Field recalibration to Atomic for better than +/-0.02PPM accuracy
  • Always on “Superclock” for support of Digidesign Pro-Tools systems

Rear Panel connections:

  • Power: 12VDC Input 95-245 VAC Input
  • Inputs: 1 AES/EBU 2 Wordclock 1 S/PDIF 1 Video 1 Atomic
  • Audio A outs: 2 AES/EBU 2 S/PDIF 8 Wordclock
  • Audio B outs: 1 AES/EBU 1 S/PDIF 4 Wordclock
  • Audio C outs: 1 AES/EBU 1 S/PDIF 4 Wordclock
  • HD Video: 3 generators. 2 outputs on each generator.
  • SD Video: simultaneous PAL & NTSC generators 1 NTSC 1 PAL 1 NTSC/PAL switchable on front panel 1 NTSC60/PAL48 switchable on front panel

      Release Date: Q2 2008 Price: €3228 (excl. VAT)

      For more information, visit their web site at

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