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“Tres Noches En Santiago” by Shawn Layne


This recording was done in a small 10X10 room with no booth. All instruments were sequenced (drums from samples I loaded into Fruity Loops 6 and the other instruments all came from the Yamaha Motif ES rack) except the trumpet and flugel-horn which were recorded with an M-Audio Solaris condenser for the lead trumpet and a Beta 57 for the background trumpet and flugelhorn lines (those are the only two mics I currently own), recorded at 24-bit, 44100.

In the area where the trumpet was recorded, 4 inch foam sheets were used with lots of irregular squares cut half-way into some of them for absorption.

I don't have a mic preamp so I used a Yamaha MG16-4 Mixer. 2 M-audio Delta 66 audio interfaces were used. Sequencing was done using Cubase SX3 on a PC (Core 2 Duo, 2gb ram, 3 250gb sata hard disk drives).
I monitored with Tannoy System 800 passive monitors and Sony MDRV700 headphones for fold-back. I don't have a great room but I tried mixing it anyway, was going for a medium rock kinda feel with a strong Latin American melodic influence.

Plug-ins used were from the Waves Mercury bundle. Wish i had a guitarist to put down some tracks on it. I don't have much experience at recording but over 15 years of playing. I did everything on the recording myself, I hope you all enjoy…

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