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"Treasin Compilation Mixtape Vol.1" by 2G-GottiCapon

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Our A&R department occasionally features music from our website visitors. Our visitors are invited to write a commentary about how their music was made. Sometimes their spelling isn't all that good.

Wednesday December 12, 2012

I started in 2004 just writing songs for myself and other people. When hearing from others what I wrote the lyrics really inspired me to perform myself that's when I started recording my own music 2007.

My first single was called "G.A.N.G.S.T.A" and from there I stayed at it and continued recording on up to 2011. Where I ended up with over hundred and thirty songs which to this day I think my best single is "Hit'em Up".

"All I No", Comes next along with a couple more to follow but I don't think to highly of myself cause I let the fans of minds judge me on that. I just continue to make good music for them to listen to and vote me on.

Most of all I'm a mixtape rap artist who's looking to be produced. In the up coming years I would like to write songs to beats in professional studio's made by others. I have this project in mind I'm thinking of called "No Streets, No Glory".

But my lable E.B.N Entertainment is on hole for the moment do to equipment shout down that's why "2G-GottiCapon" is looking around in motion for studio quality time. So if anybody's out there intrested in me or the talent I could represent, look me up like as soon as possible.

And yes I'm from the south nodoubt but resigning in the midwest for the time being and nope I'm not hard to find at all my number is "712-560-0272. So give 2G-GottiCapon a holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Further information is available at

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