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Traynor All-Tube Bass Amps Return

Traynor All-Tube Bass Amps Return


April 25, 2004

All tube bass amplifiers helped put Traynor on the map over 40 years ago and now the company is reintroducing them to their line-up in the form of the all tube fan-cooled 200-watt all-tube bass head.

You will not find any semiconductors in the signal path of the new YBA200. It features 4 Sovtek 6550WE power tubes plus 2 Sovtek 12AX7A and 1 12AU7 preamp tubes.

In addition to the Traynor 'Scoop' control, two tone-shaping controls appear on the YBA200 for versatility. The first is the Range control that shifts the overall tone shape and general tonal characteristics of the master EQ section of the amp. The new Resonance Control allows the player to dial in the exact bass response from their rig that they want to hear from their amplifier. The Resonance control actually controls the damping factor of the amplifier's output stage, and allows the player to take full advantage of the tone of his loudspeaker enclosure, according to the company.

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The YBA200 has high and low level 1/4-inch inputs, a 1/4-inch tuner output with a switchable mute function that mutes the entire rig and kills the DI output when tuning. The front panel mounted XLR D.I. output has a one-touch ground lift, a 20dB pad and is switchable pre or post EQ.

To compliment the YBA200, Traynor also offers the YBX1510. The YBX1510 is a hybrid extension bass cabinet featuring one 15 inch, dual ten inch and compression drivers. Both the 15 inch and the pair of 10 inch drivers are mounted in their own isolated chambers with driver specific porting designed to augment the distinctive characteristics of an all tube bass head.

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