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TranzPort Offers Wireless Control Over DAWs


November 1, 2004

Frontier Design Group premiered their TranzPort Wireless DAW Controller at the 2004 AES show. The TranzPort is the world's first wireless device specifically designed to interact with computer-based digital audio workstations. Scheduled for availability in the first quarter of 2005, the TranzPort will be available from all authorized Frontier Design Group retailers and international distributors.

“TranzPort is the ideal accessory for anyone who records audio with a computer,” says Barry Braksick, Frontier Design Group co-founder. “For pros, it provides a way to track and monitor without having to be within a few feet of their DAW's keyboard and mouse. It's also ideal for the home studio environment, where musicians are often tracking themselves on guitar or drums. Having the ability to operate their recording software from behind a drum kit or even from inside a vocal booth makes the process of tracking a much more pleasant experience.”

Frontier Design Group's TranzPort is a 2.4 GHz remote that's designed with compatibility in mind. Compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP, the TranzPort offers immediate functionality with most popular DAW platforms, including Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar, Digital Performer, Cubase and others. TranzPort provides control for commonly accessed DAW parameters, including transport control, track arming, punch in/out, marker setting, loop start/stop, and more. As a bidirectional controller, TranzPort also provides feedback to the user on signal levels, timecode position, track names and more, via a backlit LCD display and LED indicators.

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Unlike infrared products like wireless computer keyboards, no line of sight is required to operate the TranzPort. As an RF-based remote, TranzPort offers full functionality through walls, and implements advanced coding and frequency-hopping techniques to operate without interference, even in the presence of other wireless devices (telephones, WiFi routers, etc.). The TranzPort communicates with computers via the Tranzceiver, a small receiver device that uses a single USB port.

Suggested applications for the TranzPort include recording instruments that are difficult to access from a recording workspace (such as drums); acting as a second set of DAW controls in a studio (i.e., for a producer's desk);and offering a means of DAW control for live sound recording and playback.

TranzPort also helps solve the problem of computer noise and monitor hum by physically removing the audio source from the workstation while maintaining control over recording functions. Weighing less than a pound, TranzPort may be mounted to a mic stand, and is powered by four AA batteries. A footswitch input is included to control key functions like punch in/out via a standard footswitch.

TranzPort will be available from authorized Frontier Design Group retailers early in 2005, and is expected to have a suggested retail price of $199 (US).

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