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ToneLab SE Offers Valvetronix Modeling in a Pedalboard

ToneLab SE Offers Valvetronix Modeling in a Pedalboard


January 19, 2004

At the Winter NAMM show, VOX announced the newest member of the Valvetronix series, the ToneLab SE. This new amp and effect modeling pedalboard processor delivers VOX's modeling technology (as found in the Valvetronix series amps and ToneLab amp/effect modeler), plus expanded modeling options and assignable, dual expression pedals for total control.

ToneLab SE employs VOX's Valve Reactor circuit a proprietary design that uses a 12AX7 dual triode as a power amp tube to recreate the sound and feel of a variety of vacuum tube guitar amps. It offers models of 16 amps ranging from vintage classics to modern “boutique” standards, plus 11 cabinet models that reproduce the acoustic character of various cabinet shapes and speaker types, for unmatched modeling realism. Also included are 50 stomp boxes and effects (up to 7 can be used simultaneously) that model vintage and popular effects such as compression, overdrive, chorus, tremolo, rotary speaker, acoustic simulation, tape echo, and auto wah (noise reduction is also included). Any combination of amp, cabinet, and effect settings can be saved as one of 96 programs. Two channels (A and B) of amp/cabinet settings can be saved in each program, allowing the player to switch smoothly between backing and lead parts. 32 preset programs of various styles are also provided.

Convenient send/return jacks allow players to connect their favorite pedal directly to the ToneLab SE. An Amp/Line selector allows the user to connect to guitar amps, power amps, mixers, or even to record direct. Also included is a headphone out for private practicing, MIDI IN/OUT, and a built-in Korg digital tuner.

ToneLab SE features heavy-duty metal construction and control knobs for simplified operation. Operation is easy and intuitive program names, parameter values, and original values are displayed on an LCD screen, which is backlit for enhanced visibility. Valve icons show the number and type of power tubes used in the original amp being modeled.

Dedicated editor software for ToneLab SE is available as a free download from It enables the user to edit on the computer, as well as manage an unlimited number of programs. It also allows the user to share and control programs for ToneLab.

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MSRP: $750.00.

For more information, visit their web site at

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