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Tone-Tools Announces 62 Blues/Harp Speaker Cabinet


November 29, 2004

Based on the Silvertone 1481, a small vintage tube amp and designed for Harp and Blues players, Tone-Tools has created the The Tone-Tools 62 Blues/Harp speaker cabinet.

The 62 Blues/Harp speaker cabinet is designed to reproduce the vintage blues tone of the small tube amps of the past by using your existing amp, saving you money and one less amp to re-tube and maintain. The cabinet incorporates Tone-Tools' scaled down Tone Expansion System in order to fit the compact design.

A hand-built, front ported, closed-back, detuned design, the 62 weighs in at just 10 lbs with speaker, and measuring 17″ W x 14″ T x 6 1/2″ D. It's constructed entirely of 1/2 Pine plywood for both strong dimensional stability and medium density. An internal structure adds to the overall strength and allows for tuning of the cabinet.

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Standard Tone-Tools 62 cab comes with:

  • Weber Signature 8 guitar speaker, 16 oz ceramic magnet, 15 watts, available in 4 or 8 ohms: warm, crunchy, early breakup, aggressive.
  • 12 gauge hand soldered speaker wire
  • 1/4″ jack and plate
  • Rubber cabinet feet
  • Vintage-style strap handle
  • Stainless fasteners
  • Black leatherette covering
  • Bluebreaker grill cloth.
  • All interior surfaces sealed to protect from moisture/humidity.

Priced at $195.00, including the 8″ Weber speaker.

For more information, visit their web site at

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