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TL Space Convolution Reverb for Pro Tools Now Available


August 30, 2004

Trillium Lane Labs' TL Space, the first and only TDM convolution
reverb for Pro Tool, is now available.

At its finest with Pro Tools|HD Accel, TL Space includes a full-featured reverb
engine that supports mono, stereo, and surround formats. Additionally, TL Space
includes a library of reverb and effect impulses for music and post applications.

TL Space delivers realism by combining the sampled acoustics of real spaces
with advanced DSP algorithms. Using the latest Pro Tools|HD Accel hardware
to the maximum benefit, TL Space harnesses up to eight Pro Tools|HD DSP engines
in parallel to deliver smooth, low-latency convolution processing, avoiding
typical heavy CPU strain. The processing power of multiple HD Accel DSP engines
allows TL Space to deliver near-zero latency processing, and effortless interaction
with the plug-in's library enables mixing and matching of impulses between

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TL Space is available in a TDM edition supporting TDM, HTDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite
for Pro Tools|HD and HD Accel systems, as well as a Native edition supporting
RTAS and AudioSuite for Pro Tools|HD or Pro Tools LE systems running Pro Tools
6.2 or newer software.

System Requirements:

  • TDM Edition: Digidesign-approved Windows XP or Mac-based Pro Tools|HD system
    (Pro Tools |HD Accel for optimal performance) running Pro Tools TDM 6.2 or
    newer software
  • Native Edition: Digidesign-approved Windows XP- or Mac-based Pro Tools|HD
    or LE system running Pro Tools 6.2 or newer software
  • Both Editions: A PACE iLok USB Smart Key (purchased separately) and an account are also required for licensing.

MSRP for TL Space TDM edition is $995 US. MSRP for TL Space Native edition
is $495 US. Both are distributed by Digidesign.

For more information, visit their web site at

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