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TL Drum Rehab for Pro Tools Announced

TL Drum Rehab for Pro Tools Announced


Trillium Lane Labs has announced TL Drum Rehab, new performance enhancing software developed exclusively for the Digidesign Pro Tools platform.

TL Drum Rehab provides engineers and mixers with precise enhancement of drum tracks in real-time, regardless of performance, equipment or recording limitations in the original track. The TL Drum Rehab interface offers a wide choice of processing, ranging from subtle enhancement of existing drums through to automatic replacement of entire drum tracks, creating a masterpiece from a less than perfect percussion track, according to the company.

The sample accurate triggering system in TL Drum Rehab automatically reinforces and replaces drum hits in existing recordings with samples in real-time, saving engineers from misplaced drum hits and tedious manual editing. The triggering system offers automatic placement as well as completely flexible editing options, synchronized directly with the Pro Tools session timeline. Up to 16 levels of multi-sample support is offered, and TL Drum Rehab includes a sample browser and converter. Full envelope and tone shaping of drum samples is provided.

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TL Drum Rehab will ship with an extensive library on DVD, including drum samples from leading drum libraries. Additional drum samples will be available online from the Trillium Lane Labs website.

Pricing and Availability

TL Drum Rehab is an RTAS format plug-in for Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools HD systems on Macintosh OS X and Windows XP. Availability is expected in March 2005. Pricing information and downloadable demos will be available at that time.

For more information, visit their web site at

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