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“Tijuana Flower [2008] the Bramblemen” by Zeroville Recording Studio


We have researched and studied the Golden Age of Recording equipment and techniques which is the 40's 50's 60's and 70's. Starting with vacuum Tubes and ending with transistors and discrete circuitry.

Before that time the gear wasn't quite perfected. After the 70's when IC chips began to replace transistors we feel the sonic perfection began to get lost.

We strive to get that clarity, depth and detail by using the best outboard gear from those eras,As well as some of the best modern manufacturers.

This gives us a great advantage when it comes time to produce your music. What ever direction you choose to present your music , vintage retro or super modern you want to have the best possible recording to work with. Neve, Telefunken, Universal audio, Purple Audio, Matrix Audio Systems,Gates broadcast, Urei ,Summit, Orban, Echoplex, Daking, Great river etc..

Add a great mic collection, vintage tube amps, guitars and basses and you'll be happy with our sound.

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