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Three-Sum from Drawmer Provides Multi-Band Splitting and Summing

Three-Sum from Drawmer Provides Multi-Band Splitting and Summing


The Three-Sum is a 1U device that enables individual processing of up to three bands prior to re-summing. The stereo signal is split into two or three frequency adjustable bands, which can be sent to external processors before returning to the Three-Sum where they are re-combined.

The Three-Sum employs a high-quality signal path culminating in a variable threshold, brick wall limiter section with bypass facility. To ensure transparency the limiter design is 'two stage,' applying different processing to the H.F. content of the material. In applications where the dynamics of the material need to be retained to create an open sound, the limiter is essential for catching peaks.

The Three-Sum has been designed for use in high-end mastering and general recording applications. Alternatively, it can transform a project studio, equipped only with 'single band' processors, into a serious multi-band facility. Each of the three bands has bypass and mute switches to allow independent band and effect monitoring.

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Commented Brad Lunde, president TransAudio Group, “The benefits of multi-band processing have been apparent to sound engineers for quite some time, however, 'locking in' your audio to just one specific multi-band unit can restrict your options. Low-frequency energy, the vocal mid-range and high-frequency detail can benefit from different types of processing. The Three-Sum allows the engineer to apply his favored outboard to any particular 'slab' of the audio bandwidth.”

MSRP: $1,295

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