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Three New EMX Series Power Mixers from Yamaha

Three New EMX Series Power Mixers from Yamaha


Yamaha Professional Audio is adding three new models to its line of powered mixers for the 2005 Musikmesse show in Frankfurt. These new additions are the 2 x 200-watt EMX212S (MSRP $449), 2 x 300-watt EMX312C (MSRP $559) and 2 x 500-watt EMX512SC (MSRP $679).

Each of the three models offers a total of 12 input channels to accommodate microphones, instruments and playback equipment: four for mono mic or line inputs; plus four pairs that can function either as mono mic inputs or stereo line inputs. A power mode switch allows the two amplifier channels to be used with the stereo outputs, or drive main speakers and a separate monitor mix for flexible system setups.

The new designs make it easier than ever to tailor the sound and control feedback, with 3-band EQ on each input channel, and 7-band graphic EQ on the main/monitor output channels. Each channel also contains a new Feedback Channel Locator (FCL) indicator that pinpoints the input channel creating the problem.

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Onboard signal processing includes a selection of effects (reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser and distortion) from Yamaha's famous SPX series processor products. Models EMX312SC and EMX512SC also feature convenient one-knob compression on each of the mono input channels.

The EMX212S, EMX312SC and EMX512WSC are housed in lightweight (under 27 lb.), rugged high-impact molded enclosures designed withstand the rigors of daily use. An updated angled design provides easy access to the control panel when the unit is placed low to the floor, while integrated, rear-mounted handles make the unit easy to transport. For additional convenience, a rack mount kit (RK 512, MSRP $49) is also available.

All three units will have Summer 2005 availability, and replace current EMX62M, EMX66M, EMX68S and EMX88S models.

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